Saturday, October 20, 2018

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It is important that your time spent using the eStatement system be as quick and easy as possible. However, you must be using a standards compliant browser.

Your Current Browser:   Netscape
Problem Level:   

Over 99% of eStatement users use a standards-compliant web browser, but you appear not to be using one. We want to help you remedy this situation and improve your experience on the eStatement system and the rest of the internet. Click one of the download links below to freely upgrade your browser, or read on below for more information on why you got to this page.

Update your browser for free here **
Please select one of the browsers below to upgrade to. Click the 'Go to download page' link to go the download page for that browser, and follow the installation instructions on the screen. After you download the installer package you must run the package to install the browser.

  Browser name Est. download time  
Download Internet Explorer MS Internet Explorer 6 (Recommended for Windows) 1 min @ 56KbpsGo to download page
Download Mozilla Firefox Firefox 1.0 (Recommended for Windows/OS X/Linux) 1 min @ 56KbpsGo to download page
Download Opera Opera 71 min @ 56Kbps Go to download page

Why update?

Web browsers become obsolete over time. The simplest way to think about it is to remember when everyone stopped using cassettes and started using CDs. People made the move to CDs because they provided better sound, were more convenient, and eventually artists stopped releasing cassettes, instead only releasing CDs. Mainly due to security reasons, we can no longer support "releasing cassettes", but rather can only concentrate on releasing "CD's". This will affect approximately 0.6% of eStatement users.

Just like making the move from cassette to CD, updating your current browser may be a difficult decision to make... although downloading a browser is free and you can do it right here. We want to help make this as easy as possible for you so we've checked your system and provided some links above for you to download a FREE new browser. So click a link above, download a new web browser, install it, and try it out... we're sure you'll be happier with your internet experience because of it.

* While browser detection is useful in making sure that your experience using the eStatement system is trouble free, it is not an exact science. It is possible, though rare, that our system may identify your browser incorrectly. If you have questions about your web browser, please read our Browser F.A.Q. page. For more information, please contact your group administrator.
** We simply recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox as a matter of convenience and familiarity. It is important to know that we are not trying to force you to use any particular browser. However, for security reasons, it is necessary that you use a standards compliant browser.